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WDA - 2024 - S1 - Wetland Delineation and Assessment Program - Session 1

Started Mar 11, 2024

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Full program description

This program contains the following courses:
Fundamentals of Wetland Delineation and Assessment (online April 8-10, 2024);
and Field Training and Capstone Project (in-person April 22-23, 2024). 

About this Program

Wetlands are highly productive, diverse environments that provide critical habitat for specialist plants and wildlife, mitigate flooding, remove excess nutrients from water and provide natural fire breaks in the landscape. Though wetlands are protected and regulated in Canada, the loss and degradation of wetland habitats have been extensive.

The Wetland Delineation and Assessment (WDA) non-credit, micro-credential courses address an urgent need for rigorous, unbiased training on the assessment and delineation of wetland boundaries, with topics including wetland classification, functions and values, impact assessment and wetland policy.

For detailed program information, please view the full program page here.

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